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Incident response available 24 hours.
(915) 544-2034

Our staff is now certified in cell phone and PDA forensics!


Business continuity, information security, 
data protection and incident response.
Services to ensure data protection and privacy regulation compliance.


Full service web design, graphics, and site management.
Web site development, hosting and management services.


Software development and support services.
We offer innovative software solutions in several vertical markets.

Welcome to Neal Technologies Corporation

NTC provides a variety of technology and business services to government, companies and individuals throughout the El Paso region and across the country.  Our offerings include internet and web based services, high reliability workstation and other hardware, custom software, and systems support.  We also offer special-focus management services and training for several markets.  

At NTC our specialty is information security, information forensics and related disciplines.  We are the only company in the region with a full commercial information forensics lab managed by a trained and certified staff.  We can help your organization protect its information assets, insure compliance with information management and privacy regulations, and effectively respond to data loss or information security incidents.

As an NTC customer you will benefit from the experience of a professional team that has been working in technology and information security since 1982.  We are proud of our reputation for high integrity, quality work, and satisfied customers.  We would welcome the opportunity to work for your organization.  Call us today at (915) 544-2034 and we'll get started!